Presentation at my high school

Today was a pretty special day. Today, I went to school.

I mean, sure, I went to school every day I had to and wasn’t sick for, because I wasn’t a dropout or such a rebel that I didn’t go to school.

But today was different. Today, I went back to my high school (as a published University graduate who, apart from a brief appearance once, hasn’t been to my old high school since graduating. In 2003.) for a speech to the seniors, the one I’ve mentioned previously. Today, it finally happened.

And I think I more or less succeeded. I forgot a couple things, like how you’re supposed to stand within the range of the mic, at the end (there were questions, and I forgot about that whole mic part).

I later had an attentive audience for the meet-and-greet, though I did arrive like a minute before, and I think I interested people enough to check it out. We talked writing and superheroes and stuff. (Is it okay to use ‘bending’ to describe what a character does with elements? Cause the way I see it, that word is so entrenched into modern pop culture that they’re going to think it anyway. And it’s using ancient Chinese traditions, so…)

I even did a bit of writing, this was mainly between the presentation and the meet, and I remembered to write a note about setting the scene, so I used film script style for this. The scene being a prologue-type flashback, I thought, hey, why not make this interesting? The rest of the book is in prose, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen flashbacks and prologues in film script style, so… certainly adds a bit of flavour to a device that is usually done awfully. I wonder what other people think though?

Oh, and Children of Fire and Writing The Wasteland are both free until Monday on Kindle, so… you know…  (awful plug is awful) (apologies to anyone trying to get them from here, I was fighting the machine while saying “almost done”. You understand, right? I believe the links are now fixed. Any hassles, let me know straight away.)



It’s been a while, so here’s a few things happening. Good things, even.

I’m going to Icelandic Sagas, a story-telling gig held by one of my Uni lecturers, Kari Gislason, one of Iceland’s biggest exports. It’ll be Viking stories and the like, and I managed to persuade a friend from Uni to come with me, so that’s good.

I managed to get another friend out of the house for karaoke, that was an accomplishment, though he did want to in the first place. It was so good to see him waiting there at the door when I arrived. He never does that. He rarely ever keeps his plans. He’s historically lazy/underachieving/timid/socially anxious. This was good for him.

I’m going to look into giving Smashwords another try. This will allow me to upload my work to every OTHER retailer aside from Amazon. This will be after my just-renewed kdp Select term ends (90 days). I did that, because I have a date locked in for my high school presentation, this coming Friday (but moooooooom! I don’t want to go to school! :p). I’ve got the power point slide lined up, and I just need to rehearse. I could probably do better than Ben Affleck that one time on Family Guy, I reckon.

AND I might have a more permanent writing group teaching thing at the school, if things work out well enough.

I have some pretty sizable dental bills in the near future, due to knocking my front two teeth out when I was 12-ish, and my current medical cover is a joke, so I’m looking into upgrading that. I suspect that’ll be doable only during the day.

Aaaand Pokemon GO hit just the other week. It’s… nostalgic. So many kids weren’t around when Pokemon was first a craze. I have seen the kids excited by new games, but this… wow. That takes me back. I guess you had to be there. So did the adults. Especially the guys who get drunk and swear a lot. And the teenagers who blast the Pokemon theme song from their boom boxes. Yes, that actually happened.

I managed to hunt around the opposite side of the river at the park near me for a Magmar, half an hour and I gave up (battery was dying anyway). Sadface. Did detect a Grimer though. 13692719_10208673656695559_6316233207094897294_n

#PokemonNo #Nonononono #NotGoingDownThereForAGrimer #INeedAnAdult

Since the worst of the shit-storm of my life has passed, for now, I can de-stress, breathe easier, and focus on health both physical and mental (the costs associated with Asperger’s Syndrome mean some pretty costly healthcare). Thank God that mess is cleaned up. Plus, I’ve got D&D coming up during the week, not going to be a huge session, but it’s something.




Connection made

I am finally back online at home! No more relying on public wifi! If you’ve never gone five weeks without internet, or any idea when you’re getting it back, count yourself lucky, because it SUCKS.

But it’s over now. At least on my PC. Laptop is still not getting wireless, but oh well, you can’t have it all I guess.

Out of the cave

I’ve emerged from the cave/dark forest/pit of despair that has been most of my 2016 (seriously, this year can go get fucked!) and although I’m on a scraggy frontier wasteland… that happens to be familiar territory for me. And while I see naught but a few thorns and tumbleweeds, there’s also daylight. (Well, metaphorically. Literally, it’s pissing down rain.)

No internet at home still, but I’m heading to my network’s store to get a USB thing for that. One provider screwed the pooch royally, with a broadband project the engineers said was not going to work, but bulled ahead because, of course, politics in this country is a joke. My brother’s provider has been giving us vague promises to send someone out for weeks. Mine is the smallest of the big three and as such can focus more on customer support than the bigger ones.

I was so distracted by my lack of internet that I came to the city library solely to check my emails on Sunday. One of my writer’s group members tapped me on the shoulder. I forgot it was a writing group Sunday. With all the shit going on right now, I think they’ll forgive me. The cold/flu setting it doesn’t help, but honestly I’m surprised it took a month for this to actually happen, all that stress and anger.

I FINALLY got my massage though (the guy was sick Friday, and Saturday, and they weren’t open Sunday). I also went to karaoke for the first time in ages – the last time was just horrible, I seriously needed a win in life, and that night was just full of failure and frustration, so I haven’t been able to face that in months. I left in frustration, and I didn’t look back. Until this weekend just gone.

And I did alright. I got to do lots of songs, though it wasn’t dead. And two attractive, late-20-ish ladies liked my music taste, which is rare. I had the start of a cold, and I’m tired of bullshit, and I’m poor, and I’m stressed, and my nerves are frayed and my confidence is shot… but this helped. I’ll take whatever win I can get, however minor. You don’t hit rock bottom and fly the next day.



The Last Month

This last month or so has been stressful and depressing.

Office completely failed, so I got Scrivener and a free version for spreadsheets and slides.

I had a whole heap of drama for a D&D session, but I’m going to organise another one soon (and thankfully there’s a place just opened up nearby that has everything there to buy or even use in-store, with snacks and meeting rooms, for 5 bucks an hour I think). Definitely playing it there!

I’ve finally been on my writer’s group retreat. And one little joke about the petrol station you have to pass being horror movie turned the whole thing into one hilarious cabin-in-the-woods experience. The two blood moons (video coming) helped the atmosphere, as did the cemetery up the road, the howling wind and bitter cold the first night, and the bird that died.

But it was very nice, all things considered. And we saw an art exhibition of landscape paintings and photos, one was a winding jagged chasm, with the sunset’s light hitting the right part so that it looked very fiery; an Australian forest with peeling bark on the trees; and a couple of trees on the beach or in the desert or something, they were glowing yellow-orange and, when the lights went down, they looked 3D!

We didn’t have any internet, though. But we did binge the first season of the new Netflix Voltron (Not that I condone shady downloading of digital files!). We still don’t have net at home, but when I left, my brother was on hold with someone on the phone, which I take as a good sign, seeing as he’s called his mobile provider and he is at least working the problem. I hope this gets sorted soon, because I’m limited to library wifi or my parents’ or my phone (so much data).

My neck is not feeling great, so I definitely need a massage.

I’ve got a good idea who I’m voting for, but I need to look up another party, an Independent I think.

All of this and I have to figure out a speech for my highschool, but they don’t know exactly when I’m doing this, so it’s hard to organise, but I do have an idea of how long it has to be at least (5 minutes) and that it’s a Friday morning. Although it might be rearranged for another assembly. I really don’t know, not yet.

But I do have a pretty good idea what I’m going to say, now.

And I know what movies to look forward to in the immediate future, so that’s good.

Scrivener and a proposal

No, I’m not asking anyone to marry me. I’d have to *meet* a single lady first! :p I DO know some in their 20s or 30s who are single, though. Like, maybe four people? Total? But right now I’m not really that interested in all that. Even though I haven’t had a girlfriend in 10 years (and that was a short-lived, drama-filled experience). But my last two dates were nice ones, for a change, so there is finally a silver lining in that area of my life.

Anyway, there I was, looking for something I wrote down in COF, and wouldn’t you know it, Word failed me. It does that, nothing new there. Just run it as administrator and… oh god, now I have to put in my admin password EVERY time I open a document. No biggie, I can just reinstall it and… nope. Still broken. Reinstalling did nothing. Still requires password, still opens to a blank page…

And seeing as I had money that weekend, I decided to see how much I could get Scrivener for. (Turned out to be $32 USD, after a writer’s discount (I forget who, but it was 20%, and it worked out $3 cheaper than the student/educator discount version, surprisingly enough).

And now I’m a Scivener convert. I had no real reason to convert, before, or so I thought. But then Word failed me for the last time (*shakes fist angrily*) and yeah. Now I’m learning how the hell to work Scrivener. It’s working out nicely, though. Formatting’s a bit of a bitch though, is my only gripe. Just means twiddling around, is all.

This week I’m working on a D&D adventure, but after that, I can focus on giving COF another pass, since it’s been the better part of a year since I last looked at it, and with retrospect you can see what went wrong, and the more time you leave it, the clearer you see things; I’m tweaking it (I did have to split it up into chapters) and then… well, I wonder if I can, at some point, publish the new edition serially? It’s just under 40 chapters, so I’d probably go for 4 parts, but that sort of thing is potentially confusing, so it’d have to be labelled as such, and it would depend on if Amazon allows that when I do it (I *think* they’re closed to that at present), and the cover I’m not sure about, I’ll have to have a talk with Paul (been meaning to discuss whether Rachel could stand out more, colour-wise) so there’s all that to consider.


Bladerunner 2 so far

I’m not sure how this will turn out, to be honest, but yes, there’s going to be a Bladerunner 2. Sequels made for monetary reasons tend to crash and burn. But, this is Bladerunner we’re talking about, so I can see why they’d definitely want to do another one. Albeit it decades later, in a world that’s come a LONG way technologically since ’79 (I think that’s when it was made, anyway).

And they’ve got the cute blonde chick from The Martian (of course).

Oh yes, and it’s slated for release October 6 next year.

2 days before Element Day.

This will be interesting, to say the least.



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