True Author 2: The Authoring

So you know how I’m an author now that I’ve published a book? Well, it gets better. I started with Kindle, ie ebooks. Now I’ve gotten a print version happening.

I just wish I could use the cover image I wanted to. That’s just not going to happen though. The image has the point of focus on the left, which would mean, wrapped around the cover, the back would have the character and the front would be bare (by comparison). It’s this kickass image of a kid with a skateboard seeing a city being destroyed.

This image even. 

Just look at that. It’s got a kid with a skateboard overlooking a city as a war is going on. Childhood fun encounters adult horror. It fits my story perfectly. But the process to actually make a wrap-around book cover means I can’t use it, not without some creative manipulation way beyond my skill. So you’ll get a much more generic cover for CreateSpace. Which sucks. That image rocks. It’s kind of my book’s anthem. And I can’t use it for print, not easily. Ah well. I can still use it for the ebook image.

I think I’ve become a True Author, or I will be once the book is available in print, because I guess you’re not a “real author” until you get a print version.


10 of the Worst Cliches in Fiction Writing

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If you like to read like Mr. Bemis, then you notice these, too. If you like to read like Mr. Bemis, then you notice these, too.

I’m a reader because all good writers are readers.  Mostly, however, I read because I love to read.  I am in many ways like Henry Bemis in “Time Enough At Last”, adapted from a Lyne Venable short story which chronicles the sad life of a chronic reader.  I’m so glad I have a Kindle Paperwhite, because if I had to buy all the books I read my house would be full of them.

The beef I have with modern fiction is that it tends to wax cliche more often than not.  I hope I never use any of these horrible cliches I’m about to list.  If you use them, dear writer, I pray you revise them right out of your narrative.  I think when you read them you will agree that these cliches need to go.

  1. Seer Statements

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Children of Fire, Writing stuff

True Author

When are you a True Author? Is it when you have published something, like I did this weekend just gone? (http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0128D6EZQ and https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/562335) Is it when you’ve written x number of words? Or been writing for y amount of years? Just a thought, a thought without a really clear-cut answer.


Amazon Launch

http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0128D6EZQ is the link to Children of Fire on Amazon, (and https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/SilentDan on Smashwords) where you can preorder on Amazon. You don’t need a Kindle device to read it, either – you can download the app to pretty much any mobile, tablet, computer or other device out there, so there’s no excuse. So yeah, this baby’s finally done and dusted. Any mistakes left will be there forever. Gulp. I’m a mix of emotions, or I will be when the reality sets in. Of course I’m already a published author with 18 (and we’re doing another one) but this, well this is magnitudes higher in how big of a deal it is. This is the culmination of 8 years work. I hope it has paid off. I think it’s an acceptable quality, I hope I get lots of 5 star reviews, I hope fans love it as much as I want them to. I’m working out how to use everything at the moment. I’m thinking I’ll make separate launch events in the coming week for Inkterra, where 18 is also published, as well as on Smashwords, which distributes to Scribd, Kobo and Nook, among others, where – you guessed it – 18 also is, and the new anthology will most likely be as well. Things are getting pretty busy here, and I’m learning the ropes as I go, so forgive me if I don’t update for a while – I need to get my head around 3 or more services in a short period of time. I hope I’ve given myself enough time to set it all up. Probably not, though. Shit’s cray right now. But a good cray. It’s good to have these problems.