Vanity Publisher warning (reblog)


Cultural Appropriation (or, there ain’t no guilt like white guilt)


Apparently, at some point at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival, some British woman offended every minority ever by saying something to the effect of Cultural Appropriation is a fad that will go away. I think. I don’t really even know, it’s all PC bullshit to me, the kind of thing I hated about Cultural Studies at Uni. It’s too damn dank, if you ask me. I don’t get into this kind of snobbery, knee-jerk “what if I offend some minority” panic. Or maybe some SJW did this in response to this, or something like that. I don’t even know, I’m still looking into it, and honestly, the first article I read about the incident, was the one that everyone’s in an uproar about, and I’d have read through the article fully… but I didn’t feel like it. Besides, I was too busy getting my beer on at Irish Murphy’s across the river and wearing pink shades to give one shit about this SJW shit. But I think that’s what this all about, and you only have to read the ‘headlines’ to realize just what a panty-twisting scenario this was… for about five minutes, then I, and everyone else it seems, tuned out.

Or something to that effect. I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention. Ain’t that a double-edged sword.


Friday nights

Last night’s writer’s festival event was pretty nice. Got to see Corey and Flick, my best friends through school and Uni respectively, signed their copies of my book, and had a good convo in the VIP area of another thing where there was alcohol (we just invited ourselves into that area, there weren’t a whole tonne of people anyway). I then sauntered over to Irish Murphy’s and had some more drinks, and handed another copy over to one of the bartenders there who is an avid reader, and who I had the longest conversation this year with earlier. I’m finally confident enough to start meeting new people. The apathy I had in the year before made the prospect unappealing, then I met someone and subsequently lost said person to fear and ignorance, and hit rock bottom just as the shit hit the fan in every other area at once. I’d thought I’d been at rock bottom before; everything else was just the support act for rock bottom (isn’t *that* a fun name for a cover band? :p) and while I’ve clawed my way out of the pit, lately I’m in the ‘what’s the next step’ part. Every little bit of confidence boost I can get, I need. Playing it safe may be the only way to move forward, but that’s okay right now. And the little things help. Last night was a good night. I even got some pink plastic Smirnoff shades out of it. Of course, if I don’t do some editing Sunday, then I have to give a dollar to the stupidest crowd-funding project I can find, so accountability I guess.

Upgrading account

Okay, so I’m currently upgrading my domain from to that-minus-wordpress. This is after switching to, which I now don’t like so much after all (good job, me…). So you can find all my old content there, but as I’m waiting for the upgrade to go through here, we’ll see how this goes. That was maybe a bad idea. I think, now, that upgrading would have worked better after all. Lesson learned I guess. We’ll see soon enough.