Zombies, demons and haunted cabins, oh my! (tribute to George A. Romero)

It’s been about a year (and a month) since my mum asked me “So, how would Tesla Squad deal with a cabin in the woods?”

This was in response to a writer’s retreat I went on, where there were two blood moons, a cold, windy night that slapped tree branches against the glass doors and windows, a locked room with no key, sweet fuck all reception, and a dead bird.

Around the same time, not sure exactly when, but my brother and I went to see The Conjuring 2. My brother said “Sam and Dean would just turn the water on to full, bless it, pour salt in it, dump a ton of kerosene in it, and strike a match. Minimum.” I found it very hard to fault him on that logic.

So, today, I’ve been writing the opening to that scenario, but with Tesla Squad, and while I haven’t gotten that far into it just yet, I’m liking what I’ve got so far.

I’ve also got a DVD double feature, containing The Evil Dead (Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell), and Night of the Living Dead (the first feature by George A. Romero) who died over the weekend. I should watch these. For research.




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