How’s this for a movie? Not good? Yeah, you’re probably right…

A hard boiled detective is paired with a never-ending list of partners, each more 80’s than the last.

A cowboy. Like, from the old west. He’s in black and white. Everything else is in colour. Even if it’s technicolour, because this is the 80’s, man.

An Asian. Who may or may not be a ninja.

A dinosaur.

A kid.

A black kid.

A gay black kid.

A gay black kid who’s also Autistic.

A gay, transgendered, black Autistic kid who’s obsessed with his dad’s buddy cop movies. Hang on…

A dog.

A talking dog.

A talking dog who’s haunting the detective with “You should really make peace with your gay, trans, black autistic child cop prodigy partner before time runs out and the terrorists take over the mall and—”

I think I’m getting carried away here. Let’s just keep this simple.

*Hitler shows up in a T-rex mech*